Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Saturday Stuff

Went to a Nats game at the new park for the first time. It's nice; reminds me a lot of the Philly park. The game was boring and there's too much construction going on around the place, but it's very cool to see the Capital dome while listening to the National Anthem and it's nicer to be closer in than RFK is. Of course, the view of even the Capital is going to go away as the construction continues. Overall, I think it's middle-of-the-pack if not a little above average as ballparks go. Definitely not anywhere close to Camden Yards, whatever-the-one-in-San-Francisco-is-called-now, or PNC in Pittsburgh.

Otherwise, not much going on. Hopefully Tiger can make the Masters very interesting on Sunday.


Rachel said...

Do you mean the park formerly known as pacbell park now know as AT&T park?

so much sponsorship since the silly old candelstick park...

Josh said...

And wasn't it SBC park in between or something like that? Dumb.