Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idols And Losers (I Don't Mean Kristy Lee Cook or Cindy McCain)

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I'm actually pretty amazed at how much weight some of the people who were voted off early on "The Biggest Loser" lost by themselves going into the finale.
    • I don't think Jimmy cried on "Kid Nation" as much as Mark cried this season on "The Biggest Loser". Speaking of which...
    • I think Steve was just a little psyched about tonight's "Idol". Probably not as much as for tomorrow's. We really do sleep on what a prolific artist Mariah has been for the last 18 or 19 years.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Did you know that John McCain's website included some of his wife Cindy's favorite recipes? Well, it used to. They got taken down, because they were plagiarized from the Food Network.
    • Nice to see that Huckabee going nuts over the stupid "bitter" thing has actually hurt her in the polls.
    • Yes, I'm calling her Huckabee now.
    • I kind of got on a "Kid Nation" kick... Here is the one, the only, Jared. First he makes money, then he becomes a pimp.
    • This video is awesome, especially if you're an "Amazing Race" fan.
  • Ranking Tonight's "Idol" Performances:
    • 7. Kristy Lee Cook -- "Forever". Her freaking practice sounded awful, which didn't bode well for the performance. And she didn't disappoint. In terms of being bad, that is. Good low register, kid! Hopefully, the Bush voters will stop pushing her through.
    • 6. Syesha Mercado -- "Vanishing". First of all, never show any of the contestants singing with Mariah. That kind of destroyed the illusion a bit. In the second half of the song, she had more pitch problems than the Orioles. She's good, but she's just not good enough.
    • 5. Jason Castro -- "I Don't Want To Cry". I constantly find it hard to take him seriously. He's routinely pretty good though; I just don't like him as much as the top four.
    • 4. Brooke White -- "Hero". She did a lot better than I thought she would, given the material. Her style of music is totally up my alley. I am kind of getting tired of her back-and-forth with the judges though.
    • 3. David Archuleta -- "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt. I'm secretly a huge fan of this movie. He had some issues in the falsetto, but he routinely turns in strong performances, if a little boring.
    • 2. Carly Smithson -- "Without You". Nancy Wilson does Mariah Carey. She still kind of bores me, but this was a little more passionate than Archuleta's.
    • 1. David Cook -- "Always Be My Baby". He can make any song his own. I don't love most Emo stuff, but for this competition, he's easily the class of the bunch.


angie said...

Two comments:

1. Why are you calling her Huckabee?

B. I don't think I could disagree with you more on your Idol 2-7 rankings. Well, maybe I would put David A. in third, not because I liked it (thought it was really boring and I'm getting to where I often don't like the sound as a preference thing), but because I can acknowledge that it was well done. I liked Jason's performance. And as for the girls (who would all probably be ranked lower than the guys), while I don't think any of them did all that well, I thought Brooke was by far the worst. She screeched and squeaked all through her song. Followed by Carly who simply screamed most of it (those "big" notes were not pleasant sounding at all). I'd probably say a toss up between the remaining two, but since I like the song itself better, probably give a tiny edge to KLC. Yeah, they both had a couple pitch problems, but I didn't think nearly as much as it seems you thought, plus they actually "sang" the songs (i.e., no screaming, screeching, or squeaking).

That being said, I'll predict that the bottom three will be KLC, Syesha and either Brooke or Carly. Not sure who I think is going home; quite possibly any of them, but probably most likely one of the first two.

Josh said...

I'm just done with Clinton. I think she's just like Huckabee was -- technically still in the race because the delegate threshhold hasn't been met, but hanging on with no real chance of winning. It's unfair to Huckabee; he's more likeable and he didn't promote either of the Dems as being better than McCain in any way, as opposed to some of the things the esteemed Senator from NY has said.

As for Idol, I think I am biased against Jason and KLC. I do think that Syesha is going home though. I agree that the Bottom 3 should be girls (I say Syesha, Brooke, and Carly because KLC keeps skating by) and Syesha has been hanging on by a thread for weeks now.

Steve said...

Due to a DVR snafu, I missed the American Idol episode last night. However, I caught all of the singers on YouTube earlier today. Thank you, Al Gore, for the internet. As the resident expert on all things Mariah, I must pitch in my two cents. David Cook was hands down the best. When I heard he was doing "Always Be Steve's Baby", I was thinking NOOOOOOO...Don't do it!!! I think David Archuleta was a surprising second best. Yes, it was predictable but the kid can flat out sing. I didn't think Krisy Lee was actually that bad. In fact, she was starting to grow on me until (spoiler alert) she got voted out tonight. The song she sang, a lesser known Mariah hit, is one of my favorites. While she did not do a lot of the runs that Mariah does in the original, she did a respectable job for a tough song. Brooke should have gone. As Simon should have said, her performance was "positively dreadful".