Sunday, April 20, 2008


Thanks to a blunder by Comcast (I think), I'm without cable and internet until Wednesday morning. So, I'm sitting in Panera, which sucks because I can't eat bread, and using their WiFi for a little bit. So if there's no post tomorrow, so be it.

The one quick note is that I saw Expelled, the Ben Stein documentary about Intelligent Design yesterday. I saw it because a) it's about how Intelligent Design should be seen as a legitimate scientific theory and b) it got 0% from the "Top Critics" on Rotten Tomatoes (9% overall). That's right, it pulled a Blutarski.

The movie is pathetic. It's slanted, ignorant, and actually offensive in spots. It compares the scientific establishment to the USSR (showing the Berlin Wall countless times) and compares Stein to Reagan rather blatantly. It also uses Holocaust imagery to show that it is Darwin's fault that the Holocaust happened. Then it compares Planned Parenthood to the Nazis. I'm not making any of this up -- it's all in the movie. The film talks about how all theories should be given the freedom to be discussed and then it plays ominous music whenever someone says they are an atheist and then ridicules them. I knew it would be bad, but I didn't think it would quite make me angry. Plus, if you had made a bet on Stein finding stupid places within the movie to say both "Ben Stein's Money" and "Anyone? Anyone?", you'd win! F*** Ben Stein.

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