Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just A Man, Flesh And Bone

I kind of screwed up and deleted yesterday's post. Whoops.

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Good TV on tonight and new "CSI:", "Grey's Anatomy", and "Lost" episodes return next week.
    • "My Name Is Earl" was very funny -- Beau Bridges steals the show every time he's on.
    • More than anything else though, with this shaping up to be one of the worst seasons so far, we finally had a great episode of "Survivor". It was the kind of episode that will make the rest of the season great. Great job by Probst to order the votes to prey on the first true uncertainty of the season, but I was pretty sure what was going to happen when I saw the look on Parvati's face. She has to jump right into the lead for favorite to win. I didn't much like her the first time she was on, but she's pretty awesome this time.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Thanks for bringing Papelbon into a non-save situation... When will managers learn, if they're truly dedicated to protecting a young superstar closer's arm?
    • The Caps were a nice story. They'll probably be back next year.
    • I am very happy that, other than seeing it on the front page of the Post this morning, my life has been entirely unaffected so far by the Pope's presence around here.
  • Daily Rant:
    • That being said about the Pope, I'm actually a little unhappy with some of the headlines we've been seeing. There was a little here and there about his speech on peace and human rights, but the big stories have been about his comments and meetings regarding sexual abuse scandals. It's obviously been a big problem for the Catholic Church, especially for their reputation, but I can't believe that it's so widespread that the number of bad priests in any way come close to the number of good priests. Priests all over the country do great work in their communities and with children, troubled or otherwise. The publicity these scandals have gotten have led some local radio shows to have discussions where people posit whether or not the Catholic Church is comparable to the polygamist cults in terms of the harm it can bring to children. That's total garbage. Even though I vehemently don't believe in the same structure of divinity or the same social policies as the Pope, I recognize that he has few peers (maybe only the Dalai Lama) as a leader who can preach peace and have people listen. With the way the world is right now, let's let these good things take precedence.

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