Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dolly Parton Wants Your Brains

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Actual quote from "The Biggest Loser" tonight: "Australia is the second heaviest continent. Of course, the first is the USA." Yikes.
    • Don't you think a moment like that should have a little logo pop-up that says it's a nominee for "The Soup"?
    • Dolly Parton's undead zombie decided to show up on "Idol" tonight. It's entirely possible that when she takes off her makeup at night (assuming that it hasn't been surgically added) she looks like Norman Bates' mom.
    • David Cook was good as always, Jason Castro was way better than usual, and I hated Syesha's song choice. And please, can we perform the Kristy Lee Cook mercy killing?
    • I happened to catch a couple of minutes of "Dancing With The Stars" last night for the first time ever. How can anyone possibly watch it? It's cheesier than Kraft dinner. It's cheesier than the space between Dolly Parton's undead toes.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Believe in reincarnation -- Evel Kneivel is back!
    • I totally forgot to recount a story from the drive home from down south on Saturday. We were in Raleigh, passing by a big accident, when an ambulance came out at a stop light and we had to wait. Unfortunately, the pickup truck in the next lane didn't notice everyone else stopping. It slammed on its brakes, but the pavement was wet. The truck spun around maybe two or three times, sliding through the intersection. It came to a stop literally inches away from a car on the other side. I've never seen anything quite like it.
  • Daily Rant:
    • Why did April Fools' Jokes seem so funny when I was younger? They're just dumb now. Like Seacrest's "Idol" opening. The only decent one I saw was one on a news blog about Clinton dropping out of the race. When you clicked on the link, it had the big message. I guess it's much funnier to screw with people on days other April 1, when they don't see it coming a mile away.


angie said...

I didn't see AI last night (make sure you're sitting down for this...I was PAINTING! :) so I can't comment on Dolly's participation, but I checked out the performances online and definitely disagree with you on Syesha and KLC. I thought Syesha's was really good right up until the last line or two when she tried to go from the Dolly original version to the Whitney remake version and couldn't measure up. Did you not like KLC's performance or the song in general? I thought she did a very nice job on an excellent song, but maybe that's because I like country music. (and I just have to add that Brooke, who I don't care for much to begin with, totally butchered my favorite Dolly song!! grrr...)

Steve said...

The American Idol April Fool's Joke was very obvious and quite lame but Pardon The Interruption did a great one where they reported that the last 16 seconds of the Kansas-Davidson game would be re-played due to an improper substitution. It actually had me going for the 90 seconds they discussed it.

Josh said...

I'm just not a KLC fan in general. I think she's pretty off-pitch on anything and you can't underestimate my total hatred of the Lee Greenwood song she sang.