Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turn On Your Heart Light

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Why have I been looking forward to Neil Diamond week? It may be because Neil Diamond's parents used to live in the upstairs apartment that was part of my aunt and uncle's house. Why, after he became a big star, were his parents living in a small apartment in Brooklyn? These are the questions poised on the spears of time. What are the answers? We'll never know.
    • Could Howard Dean have been any more wishy-washy on "Meet The Press" this past weekend? Yuck.
    • And I was watching "Idol" as I'm writing this. Paula is seriously high. There's no other explanation for her not realizing that they had only sung one song. That was the biggest "WTF?" moment of the night. (Though not of the season -- that would still be the whole putting David Archuleta's head on the rearview mirror thing.)
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • This is no joke. This was actually on a network yesterday morning. I'm speechless.
    • Seriously, is that the absolute dumbest thing you've ever seen from a "news" show?
    • This is very cool, although he did turn the ball over. Hard to imagine the other candidates being able to do something like it, though I hear McCain plays a mean game of Canasta.
  • Ranking The "Idol" Performers:
    • 5. Jason Castro -- I'm not sure that he's seemed comfortable with any kind of music that they've had to sing this year. Unfortunately for him, tonight's show came about nine days too late. Although, I suppose, it's probably always April 20th for him. The second performance was abyssmal.
    • 4. Brooke White -- Okay, she's horrible. I guess I've finally come around. That "I'm A Believer" was one of the worst performances this season. The only thing keeping her from being #5 was a better second song and that other doofus.
    • 3. Syesha Mercado -- She was about as close to the pitch on that first song as I'd be to a Jake Peavy fastball. The second was much better.
    • 2. David Archuleta -- It's really just the two Davids and everyone else. I thought "Sweet Caroline" was by far one of his best performances in a long time.
    • 1. David Cook -- I knew this week would play well into his style. Diamond's songs are easily adaptable into heavier rock-ish pop.


angie said...

I actually thought that news clip was pretty funny -- c'mon, telling an intern to dig up clips of the Lincoln-Douglas debates?!? That's funny! Why'd you find it so stupid?

angie said...

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo! Josh has finally come around to recognizing that Brooke is awful! :-)
Due to that huge amount of progress, I'll limit my disagreements with your comments to just the following:

I actually thought Jason's first song was pretty good/enjoyable, and his second song not so much bad as BOORRRRING! So I would've put him ahead of Brooke.

I thought "Sweet Caroline" was AWFUL!! His second song was good, though (although I'm still not really a fan).

Cook's first song only got decent about half-way thru. Before that, he had the same problem as last week -- no emotion whatsoever. I guess I'm the only one who thought his second song was quite "pitchy" to borrow a complaint from Randy. So maybe it was just my tv (I only have rabbit ears and the other day I broke one of them!). He's still the only one I might consider buying an album of, but this week and last week just didn't do much for me.

Elisha said...

I agree with Angie - I'm just not much of a David Archuleta fan. I've discovered that I can only stand him if I don't actually watch him sing - if I just listen, it's arguably good, but once I look at the TV, I want to throw something at it.

The Lincoln-Douglas debate comment wasn't so much that they wanted an intern to dig up clips of the debates, but the pictures they showed as a graphic... Take a look again, and you'll see why Josh thought it was hilarious - I definitely had my jaw drop that a major news source would make such a blunder.

Josh said...

Um, yeah, look up who Lincoln debated in the Lincoln-Douglas debates and you'll see how incredibly stupid that clip is.

angie said...

Ah, I get it now. I didn't really pay attention to the graphics when I first watched it (just what was being said). Yeah, now I agree -- that's ridiculous.