Wednesday, July 9, 2008

McCain's Fear-Mongering Steps Over The Line

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • When I first saw the previews last year for Into The Wild, I immediately assumed it was essentially porn for liberals. Poor rich kid, boo hoo, needs to find himself so he goes on a grand adventure to Alaska. As I watched it tonight, I found myself hoping early on that he would get eaten by a grizzly, a la Grizzly Man. By the end, though, the film is very moving. Emile Hirsch does great work in it and the ending definitely left me thinking.
    • I'm behind on the news, since it was announced on Monday, but I'm pretty psyched that Dan Patrick is joining "Football Night in America" (the best football show on TV, by the way) and not at the expense of Costas. It's hard to remember that "Sportscenter" was actually appointment TV when Patrick and Olbermann were doing "The Big Show" on Sunday night. They're back together and that should only make a great show that much better.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Here is the Jesse Jackson video. It works out so well for Obama that Jesse is attacking him (makes him look normal, centrist, and non-threatening) that the slightest conspiracy theories have to creep into one's mind.
    • Josh Hamilton's walk-off shot tonight gives him 90 RBI for the season. 90 with a week to go until the break!
  • Daily Rant:

I was actually going to make this the whole post tonight, but I've calmed down a bit. I saw a second of "Hardball" this evening and Matthews mentioned that McCain had made some comment about a second Holocaust that could be incendiary. Here's the quote from McCain's interview with Katie Couric this evening: "This is part of a calculated plan-developing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. And nations led by all of our European friends as well as other countries-we have to impose meaningful, tough, effective sanctions on the Iranians to modify their behavior. We cannot ever allow a second Holocaust." He said the same thing in his interview yesterday with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

I'm absolutely floored. Being Jewish, I'm offended to the heart of my soul for two reasons. First, it frightens and saddens me that anyone would use the Holocaust for political gain. Even the impression that someone was doing it is tantamount to disrespecting the millions of people, Jewish and otherwise, who were murdered. Second, while Ahmedinajad has promised to "wipe Israel off of the map", the term "Holocaust" ,with its connotation for the past seventy or so years, is not appropriate here to begin with. Hitler desired to wipe out the Jewish people. Not take their land, not make sure they don't have a country -- to completely destroy them. At the risk of sounding like I'm defending a madman, I don't believe that is Iran's aim.

I haven't seen coverage of this in the press so far and nothing I can say or write will bring this to any attention en masse. Maybe we're used to Giuliani exploiting 9/11 for politics, but I can't stand quietly as McCain throws around the word "Holocaust" with improper context. It is inexcusable.

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