Sunday, July 6, 2008

An All Sports Sunday

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • What a bourgie sports-viewing day I had today (I think I've decided to start linking to Urban Dictionary whenever I use a slang word, for accessibility's sake). I woke up around 9 and watched, when I wasn't napping, the seven hours of Wimbledon coverage. Then, I turned to watch the end of the golf tournament. I did sneak in five minutes of "Baseball Tonight", but then it was on to the last night of the swimming trials. I think I'm going to have to watch And 1 mix tapes tomorrow in order to come down to earth a little.
    • McEnroe said that today's match was the greatest he had ever seen and I don't watch enough tennis to know if that's an exaggeration. The word "epic" definitely applied to this one. Nadal jumped out to an early lead and looked like he would run away with it, but Federer wouldn't let go. They battled for well over four hours, through rain delay and as night began to fall. Maybe men's tennis is relatively dead at this point -- on the scale from heavyweight boxing to NFL, it's well closer to boxing -- but this had all the drama you'd ever want from a sporting event.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I don't know if there were any huge snubs on the All-Star rosters. I'm a little surprised that there were only two Rays and maybe David Wright's deserving of more respect than being in the Final Vote. I think in the AL, you have to go with Longoria for the last spot. He's got the buzz, he's on the best team, and they may have already given him Rookie of the Year last week.
    • People do a lot dumb things, but this has to be way up there. On a totally unrelated note, tomorrow is the Festival of San Fermin, which includes the Running of the Bulls.
  • Your List Sucks!: Top 5 Active Jewish Athletes
    • 5. Jordan Farmar (PG, L.A. Lakers) -- Farmar was All-PAC-10 while at UCLA and he improved this year, his second in the NBA, becoming an important piece on the Western Conference Champions.
    • 4. Marty Turco (G, Dallas Stars) -- Turco helped lead the Stars into the Western Conference Finals this year.
    • 3. Kevin Youkilis (1B, Boston Red Sox) -- Youk (the "Greek God of Walks" from Moneyball) has become a key player on the World Champions.
    • 2. Dara Torres (Olympic Swimmer) -- Torres, at 41, qualified for two events in Beijing during this year's trials. Her first Olympics were the L.A. games in 1984 and during her last Olympics, in Sydney in 2000, she was already the oldest member of the U.S. Swimming Team.
    • 1. Ian Kinsler (2B, Texas Rangers) -- Kinsler went 20-20 last year and is currently leading the AL in Avg, Hits, Total Bases, and Extra-Base Hits. He was named to his first All-Star team this afternoon.


Elisha said...

Not to get all technical, but by qualifying in those two events, Dara Torres is actually qualifying herself for more than just those two, as it would put her in a couple of the relays as having the fastest 50m and 100m freestyle. (It's not often I get to jump in and be knowledgeable about sports)

victoria said...

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Roy said...

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