Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Band Sang "Eye Of The Tiger"?

Not much worth comment on tonight's Survivor finale. JT was one of the best, most likable players in the history of the show and it was a no-brainer that he would win (once he eked by Erinn on the second-to-last immunity challenge, of course). Stephen was good, but while he had the mind to do well, his temperament was not so good. He was a little too paranoid all the time and I hated the fact that he was happy that he didn't have control in the end. You have to want the ball in your hands!

In fact though, everyone on this season was extremely likable, except for Coach, who was likable in his own way. Great personalities, some nice blindsides, underdogs who change the game in their favor. It's all you ask for in a season of my favorite show and it this season was a great one, indeed.

Three season finales left: 24, Idol, and 90210. Then it's on to the last few episodes of Pushing Daisies and...? I have the second season of Mad Men to get through before the new one starts and Entourage will be starting up in the next month or two. Other than that, I'm looking for shows on DVD that aren't on the air any longer. I don't want to add anything new to watch before I see what new shows are on (ABC's Flash Forward looks to be the early keeper for next year). Probably going to rewatch Twin Peaks, maybe Spaced, the British comedy with Simon Pegg? Any other suggestions are welcome.

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