Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best Coach Since Hayden Fox

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • The vote on Survivor was a no-brainer, but the real joy was in the quotes. Sure, J.T. used the word "strategical" twice, but it's all about Coach. Which was the best: when he said that the Warrior Alliance needed to get together because "why else would we have a name," when he told his assistant coach that "they call me the dragonslayer" even though nobody has called him that except for Coach, or when he said to Debbie, "Two words: Taj and Erinn need to go because [blah blah blah]". He's awesome. I'm glad he's sticking around for one more week.
    • I'm shocked that Ray Lewis didn't run through the Brazilian desert to slap Eddie George just because he could, but I did like that Eddie talked about Ray for a quick second.
    • A Parker Lewis reference on Earl?!? Also, the whole "The Central shall rise again!" bit was great.
    • Sappy Grey's, although they also had an extraordinarily high death toll in the episode. I hope that Meredith and Derek get married really soon, since all of their guests apparently came into town and had to sit through a surprise other wedding.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • I dig when public figures take advantage of various points of access to get messages out to their constituents. I'm following both the White House and Maryland's Comptroller on Twitter and it's really cool to get that kind of info that quickly (although, granted, the potential for propaganda is really high).
    • What can you say about Manny? Who could get shocked at this point, but it is surprising that a superstar finally got suspended for this long. After all that hoopla around Bonds and A-Rod and Giambi, Manny is only the second real star to get suspended after Rafael Palmeiro. Palmeiro only got a ten-gamer, because the really harsh penalties hadn't yet gone into effect. Fifty games, for a sure-fire (until today) HOFer and a perennial MVP candidate.
  • Random TV Time:
    • No Parker Lewis on Hulu and the opening isn't generic enough (or available enough on YouTube) to be worth showing. Whilst searching, however, I did come upon this. Man, what a great theme song.

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