Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Man of Certainty, Man of Impulse

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Nobody can possibly be surprised at Allison's exit. She never had the backing of the top three guys. Four or five weeks ago, at least, we would have pegged Adam, Danny, and Kris as the top three.
    • I love Allison's dad. He's a dead ringer for Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.
    • Did we really need to see Paula lip sync badly and have Ryan play up her being on the stage when it seemed to so obviously be pre-recorded? I didn't think No Doubt was so great, but Stefani at least sang for real.
    • As impossible as it seems, the Red House Furniture ad continues to grow on me.
    • Star Trek is getting fantastic reviews from what I've seen, but my other really big expectations right now are on a comedy called The Hangover. The trailer is killer.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • Okay, the Grisham I'm reading right now, The Broker, is crap. Total crap. Not all that well-written, meandering, no worthwhile character development. Have to finish it because I hate dropping books that I've started, but I hope it gets better (unlikely).
  • Lost Comments/Questions of the Week
    • Not much worth talking about other than the big shocking beginning. "Of course I remember them. I watched them all die." They could have ended an episode with that.
    • Richard isn't as prescient as we all thought. I think we've known Ben wasn't for a while.
    • John is, though. The part that called back to earlier in the season during the time flashes was very cool. What I loved about it was that we thought at the time that Richard was all-knowing, when that was obviously far from the case.
    • Heiroglyphics in the tunnels -- don't know if that was the same place where Ben went to be judged by Smokey, but it was related. On a related note, we now know that the bomb does not lie "in the shadow of the statue." I'm sure we'll be finding out what does next week.
    • Jack's going crazy and that will obviously hurt them all. Think "freighter".
    • After this episode, not likely that the season finale will end with the beginning of the first season, as some have theorized.
    • What's John's end game in wanting to kill Jacob? It can't be as easy as him wanting to be the sole spiritual leader.

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Seth said...

Is it just me or does "The Hangover" look a lot like "Dude Where's My Car?" Not necessarily a bad thing but just pointing it out.

I'm white and I like black people.