Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And They Are Indisputable

These are the facts:
  • With Orlando taking a 3-1 lead tonight over Cleveland (how good have all these games been?), the NBA has to be distraught over a potential non-LeBron, non-Kobe finals. I'm betting the officiating in Cleveland on Thursday will be very kind to the home team.
  • Mike Huckabee released a statement today to attack the Supreme Court nominee. The first draft of the statement referred to her as Maria Sotomayor. He went on to complain about White House Chief of Staff Shlomo Emanuel and President Tyrone Obama.
  • This piece is near unreadable, but if you can get to the soft, chewy center of it, you'll find hilarity. It's an argument for why gay marriage would destroy regular marriage by freeing up women to be independent and by, inexplicably, promoting incest. The guy mentions incest a little too much for comfort.
  • MLB Network's early highlights show with Sean Casey and Bill Ripken is one of the best things on TV.
  • The new EA Active for Wii is highly recommended. Definitely the best exercise game I've "played" yet.
  • Have you seen the trailer for the movie, Away We Go? It's a Mendes film which is a plus, but I can't tell whether it's going to be Little Miss Sunshine-esque or if they just want us to think it will be.
  • Next TV show for viewing on DVD is going to be Spaced, the British comedy starring Simon Pegg. After that, most likely season two of Mad Men.
  • I fell way behind on CSI: and just caught up. I thought it would drop off in quality with William Peterson gone, but there were some very good episodes.

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