Monday, May 25, 2009

The Action Is Hot

After a nice visit to historic Harpers's Ferry today, we stopped by the much-advertised Charles Town Races & Slots to check it out. First of all, they advertise video poker but there's very little of it. To make it worse, the video poker they do have has awful pays (jacks or better and two pair are equal) and they dumb it down by having the machine automatically tell you which cards they recommend holding. I couldn't play more than a couple of credits. But that's not nearly the worst part. You know how in Vegas and Atlantic City, the slots are the domain of the old and disabled? Imagine a place that only has slots and therefore only has those people. You walk around there and, besides concern about cancer from the oppressive cigarette smoke, you start to worry that the loss of a limb is contagious. Indeed, everyone was either smoking, ninety years old, or using some sort of wheelchair/cane/crutches/thing-you-rest-your-bad-leg-on-and-roll-around. What a great place.

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Marissa said...

That's why we go for the horsies :)