Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idol Chatter

First, if you didn't watch this season of 90210, you really missed out. There was so much drama tonight, so many inexplicable character actions, and a principal who got high on a pot brownie! I love the show. The big cliffhanger at the end was interesting, since it wasn't treated like one, but -- if the spoiler I read is correct; yes, I read 90210 spoilers -- will be a huge bombshell in the season premiere. But that's for another time and it's on with the show. So, while mourning the cancellation of My Name Is Earl (though it may get picked up by Fox or ABC), this... is the show we watched before the 90210 finale:

  • Adam Lambert, singing Tears for Fears' "Mad World": Remember when Adam kept seeing that rabbit with its eye shot out and then a jet engine fell on him? That s*** was whack! Anyways, I don't love the long coat if you're not walking outside along some tree-lined road with leaves blowing around. This was the song that got cut off from everyone's DVRs when the show ran over. Not a bad performance, I like him when he's more subdued like this, but it's still a little too high in pitch for my liking. I'm sort of tempted to vote for Adam because I think his album sales will be horrible. He will be great on Broadway though.
  • Kris Allen, singing Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine": Forget the pitch problems on the first note, he immediately gets knocked down for not doing the Kanye song again. Round one to Adam, easy. Meanwhile, who made out worse tonight: the Wizards or Randy Jackson's stylist? The Wizards, at #5, are deep into Hasheem Thabeet territory (it's fate!) and Randy Jackson's clothes clashed with each other like William Wallace and the English. You may take Tim Gunn's words out of his mouth, but you will never take our freedom!
  • Adam Lambert, singing Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come": I thought he did a great job, especially the beginning. That beginning is probably the most I liked him this year. When he started screaming and got that hysterical look on his face, I thought he was trying to tell everyone that the studio was on fire. Randy, duck! Your suit will burst into flames at any temperature higher than 70 degrees!
  • Kris Allen, singing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On": Not nearly as good as when Cuba Gooding sang it in Jerry Maguire. To be honest, this was really nice, but I question whether Kris (who should sell more albums than Adam) has enough stage presence to be a real star. His sound was sort of small. I swear I wrote that before Randy and Simon said the same thing. Can I take a second to say that I really liked Kara at the beginning of the season and now I'm really hoping that she disappears like Patrick Swayze at the end of Ghost? You've done your job, Kara, you've written a crappy song and you've annoyed the crap out of us and the three good judges. Step into the light, Kara.
  • The original songs always suck. Of course, Kara liked it because she wrote the snoozer, but even Simon sort of knocked it. So who can judge the two of them when they're singing crap, especially Kris who had to sing it second when we were already sick of it?

Adam's taking this thing down. I voted for him.

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