Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Week In The NWTFL

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • The final three in the Amazing Race are a bit surprising, but you can't recover from a screw-up like the one made tonight. Even if they had improbably stayed alive, would they have been able to get a replacement passport during the twelve-hour down time or would they have had to wait until the race started again?
    • So that's coming to a close, Entourage is over, and Dexter has only two more episodes left. Plus Pushing Daisies is gone. Clearing the slate nicely for the early 2009 returns of 24, Lost, and American Idol.
    • Speaking of Dexter, the show is pretty famous for having one insanely good actor (Michael C. Hall) and a very average to bad (see: Erik King as James Doakes) supporting cast. The guest stars have been good the past couple of years with Keith Carradine and Jimmy Smits. You have to give credit, though, to David Zayas (Angel) for his work this season. He has been really strong.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Went to my first ever Redskins game today as they took on the Giants. The screens in each end zone are not great and their out-of-town scoreboard is severely lacking, but the sound system is good. The fans weren't really into it, but of course it was a windy thirty-five degrees with a steady rain. We left at halftime since it was miserable and pretty obvious the Giants were just a better team. I rank FedEx Field as number three of four on my NFL stadium resume. Last place is Texas Stadium which, while the famous hole in the ceiling is cool, is fairly old and dark. Number two is Raymond James in Tampa, with the pirate ship and a great open feel. Number one is, of course, M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore with the sick video screens and a crazy fan base.
    • Speaking of that team in Baltimore, they took care of business today against the Bengals. If the Skins' offense doesn't look any more dynamic next week than they did today, the Ravens will be sitting at nine wins and one away from more or less locking up a playoff berth. And if you haven't seen it, here is the highlight of the week, Mark Clayton's one-handed catch (after video of his touchdown pass).
  • Daily Rant:
    • Outside of the Giants, the NFL continues to be pretty infuriating. The Titans were dominant on Thursday, but they it was against the Lions and they did get killed at home by the Jets. But then today, the Jets get killed at home by the Broncos. Who got killed at home last week by the Raiders. So who's the best team in the AFC if it's not the Jets? Is it Pittsburgh, with their convincing win at New England today? Is it Baltimore, with their back-to-back thirtyish-point victories. Is it Indianapolis, who seems to be slowly but surely rounding into shape with a big game last week from Manning and big ones today from Freeney and Mathis?


Marissa said...

I realize I have a bias here, but my ears bled every time someone on Amazing Race tried to say anything in Russian - the names of the parks, anything at all. I also thought it would have been cooler if they did a little explaining of who Bulgakov is - Bulgakov's novels make for great chase/tours of Moscow.

The two frat boys totally look like they belong in the cast of a Judd Apetow movie.

Josh said...

The whole time, I kept saying, "Oh, I think that's the Metro station we went to. No, that's it. Maybe it's that one."

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Dan have no business being in the final three. As much as they complain about how bad their luck is, luck is the only reason they've made it this far. I'll be shocked if Nick and Starr don't win the million bucks.

I'm done with 24. Last season was too awful...I'm just going to pretend that the show ended with Jack being taken prisoner by the Chinese, never to return.

I'm partial to Bernard Berrian's 99-yard TD catch in the late game, but mostly because that's my team. It wasn't nearly as spectacular a catch as Clayton's one-handed grab, but it did completely deflate the Bears- the outcome was never really in doubt after that.

The best team in the AFC is the Steelers. Of course, if they should lose at Baltimore...


Roy said...

I agree with Tom; The Steelers are the best team in the AFC right now, but it gets a lot crazier if Baltimore beats them. Heck, if they lose to Baltimore, it might be the Colts. The Titans still need to prove something to me; I don't know why. I don't think it's the Jets, both because of the bad loss to Denver and the fact that based on crazy tiebreakers, I expect they might miss the playoffs. My full playoff predictions, which I usually do four weeks out, is too long to post here, so I am going to do it as a note on facebook.

Nick and Star are the New York Giants on the Race this year. Still, I hope that Ken and Tina manage to play defense enough to get ahead of DanDrew and hold them off for second.

I've still yet to watch the 24 movie. Like the cheated on significant other, I'll give them one more chance even though I've been betrayed before. If it sucks, I will fall back on Tom's good idea and pretend most of it didn't happen.

By the way, the Berrian catch was amazing. The Vikings have been coming on strong down the stretch. Assuming they hold on, Cowboys @ Vikings, or more likely Falcons @ Vikings will be an awesome first week matchup.

Roy said...

Oh, here is my extended break down, in case anyone wants to read it and they aren't on facebook.

Roy's Playoff Prediction Dec 1