Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Week's Worth

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Before I get to catching up on the week in pop culture, let me say that I saw the Capitol Steps tonight for the first time. I'm going to borrow one of the most famous debate lines from the President-Elect: They're funny enough.
    • Okay, so... This season of Heroes has been so-so. They're trying to recapture the feeling of the first season, but it seems a bit self-derivative. I like the complexity in Sylar, though that scene of him asking Elle to show her anger while she blasts him with lightning was very much like the Emperor going after Luke in Episode VI. I'm a big Robert Forster fan -- he maybe even steals Jackie Brown in ways -- but he's the only really fresh thing on the show. That being said, I'm still eagerly watching and I'm excited for the heroes versus villains stuff.
    • Do you think that House is going to turn into what they played with on this past episode, with House and his team working on a case while Foreman works with the old team? It would be a great way to shake it up a bit by having more than one case (it's what C.S.I.: does, they've had as many as four in an episode) and it's how they work Cameron and Chase back into things.
    • I was watching the old 90210 this morning and you could piece together that, eight months after the gang graduated college, Erin Silver was six years old. I was concerned that this would lead to a continuity error, since in the new series, Silver is in high school and in the pilot episode we also saw Andrea and Jesse's daughter Hannah. But I checked up on it and since Andrea had Hannah in her freshman year of college, it could work out that Silver could be a sophomore or junior and Hannah could be a freshman. Just wanted to set that all straight in case you were worrying about it like I was.
    • That was the funniest ending in Survivor history, right? Who cares that you already knew who was going, it was just great to see all of them fail miserably at trying not to laugh and Crystal screaming loud enough for everyone to hear her as she voted.
    • Is anyone else as torn about the 24 movie tomorrow night as I am? I know I'll watch it, but what could they possibly do this season to make the show interesting again? They've made it so unbelievable that the only way they can push the envelope is for Jack to sleep with his dead lover that comes back as a ghost.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • This was the funniest clip from The Soup this week. I could watch it over and over.
    • The weather is just crazy. It was around 70 last week and right now it's in the mid-20s outside. I haven't seen numbers like that this close together since I looked at the score of tonight's Texas Tech-Oklahoma game.
    • Which is the better Anchorman joke for this story? "We go into the bear pit," or, "I immediately regret this decision."
  • Your List Sucks!: Top 5 Teams After Week 11:
    • 5. Arizona Cardinals
    • 4. Carolina Panthers
    • 3. Pittsburgh Steelers
    • 2. Tennessee Titans
    • 1. N.Y. Giants


Roy said...

"No, Your List Sucks!"
I do agree with Tom that we know very little other than a tiny amount of good teams, larger amount of bad teams, and a mash in the middle. Still, I'll give it a short go at my top five.
5. Tampa Bay - Points against for going down 17 to the Lions, but scored 21 in 8:00, which is pretty impressive.
4. NY Jets - This team has obvious weaknesses, but man, can they score!
3. Pittsburgh - Allowed a league low 160 points. Still, they better watch out or Ed Reed will intercept their division title.
2. Tennessee - Tennessee, Tennessee. Take me to another place
Take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me
Let me understand your plan
1. NY Giants - Three teams have scored over 300 pts this year. Six have allowed under 200 pts. The Giants are the only of those who have done both. 'Nuff Said.

angie said...

Dude, are you hatin' on the Capitol Steps??

I actually haven't seen or heard them in quite awhile, but I have a tape of some of their old stuff that I still listen to every now and again and laugh hysterically as I sing along...

Josh said...

Just not my style of humor. I'm sure there are plenty of things that I find funny that you don't. Like everything that I write on my blog. :p