Saturday, November 8, 2008


  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • The only thing I really did today besides work was to see Joel McHale do stand-up in DC and then watch The Soup when I got home. He's a very funny guy, obviously. I enjoyed immensely when he referred to Sarah Palin as the "Sanjaya of the Republican Party".
    • Time and Newsweek are sold out everywhere and the President-Elect also appears on the covers of everything from People to US Weekly to The Economist to Business Week to Men's Health. When it gets to the point that he shows up on Highlights, I'm calling foul.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I got in trouble during the primaries for insinuating that Appalachia went more heavily for Hillary because they were less educated/intolerant/racist. So, I offer no comment as I show you this map of the only counties in the U.S. where McCain outperformed Bush.
    • This is a crazy ending to a Rockets-Blazers game from yesterday, as three apparent game-winning shots are hit within two seconds.
  • Daily Rant:
    • What is with my fantasy QBs? I draft Derek Anderson, he sucks all year. So I pick up Trent Edwards and he gets a concussion. Then I turn it over to Kyle Orton and he sprains his ankle badly. Finally, I decide to go back to Anderson and he gets benched. I picked up Flacco (Flacco?!) and I'm praying that my curse doesn't hurt the Ravens.


angie said...

Um, do you know where Appalachia actually is? Most of the pink and red on that map is not in what I'd consider Appalachia, and a good portion of Appalachia is not red or pink.

Or else I completely misunderstood your comments.

angie said...

BTW, I have no problem with your fantasy QB stinking it up this week!