Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here We Go...

10:57: Before we close the night out... Roy's line of the night: "They'll announce that Barack has won and come back to find Matthews and Olbermann making out."
10:00: Full disclosure: It's starting to hit me. I just had to stop and catch myself from breaking into tears.
9:28: NBC calls Ohio for Obama. I'll hold off until 270... Suffice to say that I called my mom and she was sobbing.
8:27: Obama at 101. 169 to go. A great point on DailyKos: We should always remember that Vermont was the first state to give its electoral votes to an African-American presidential candidate. History.
8:02: Oh, damn... MSNBC comes on and calls PA immediately upon closing.
7:56: Still mostly a holding pattern. We'll see what comes up.
7:22: Also, my friend Roy is here so you may hear from him during the night. A cast of other guest stars may drop in from time to time as well.
7:20: By the way, here's the media consumption. MSNBC will be the network of choice with CNN during commercials, Comedy Central later on, and Fox News if/when the election gets called for Obama. Schadenfreude, baby! On the web, it's FiveThirtyEight, Daily Kos, and Pollster. We'll also be checking in on Andrew Sullivan and Marc Ambiner throughout the night. Possible also Red State and Free Republic to read the crying about the future of the world.
7:14: Just got home from a lot of canvassing in Virginia and a three-hour drive through traffic. Here's one thing I know: Woodbridge is Obama country. The enthusiasm was ridiculous with random people we crossed in the neighborhoods. If Prince William County is one of the battleground-iest counties of one of the battleground-iest states of the election, I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.

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