Sunday, November 23, 2008

Your List Sucks!: A Day At The Stadium

With not much to write about, there were some bizarre ocurrences at today's Eagle-Ravens game. We had an NFL record, the potential end of an era, and a thorough butt-stomping, but not all of the excitement was on the field. So, here are the Top 5 Weirdest Things Seen/Heard Today:
  • 5. Down 22-7, the Eagles were threatening at the goal line when Kevin Kolb threw a pass almost directly to Ed Reed, who took it back 108 yards for a touchdown, an NFL record. The Eagles, for some reason, seemed to have quit and only one or two guys chased Reed down the field.
  • 4. Two women, sitting behind us, seemingly not with anyone else, and chatting about relationships the entire time, asked us when halftime began, "Is it halftime?" It doesn't sound so dumb, but it was all about the tone and the clueless (read: drunk) look.
  • 3. Donovan McNabb got straight benched in a game where his team was trailing 10-7. You get the feeling that both he and Andy Reid are not long for the Linc.
  • 2. The same women, towards the end of the game, decided they were going to leave because they had been drinking too much and they were tired. In getting ready to go, one of them said to us: "I'm so out of it I feel like I'm doing lines." Right.
  • 1. This one is the weirdest thing I've ever seen at a game. A gentleman directly in front of us was missing both legs below the knees. He had prosthetics to help him walk, but apparently it was easier for him to sit without them, because he kept removing them whenever he was at his seat. At one point, he was yelling to a friend two rows down when they called him a "legless bastard". He responded by offering them his leg. That is, he literally picked up his prosthetic leg that he had removed and offered it foot-first. I still can't quite believe I actually saw that in person at a football game.

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Roy said...

Love the list, obviously, since I was there. The two women, with the 'lines' and the 'halftime': don't forget that the one offered to hug me, and then when I responded with my ring, she said she was married too and was down for whatever. Talk about strange.

Still, you can't forget the lines coming into the stadium. Not only were the crowds as bad as we have ever seen them, but we ended up behind two of the strangest guys, including the one with the tiny apartment who made some of the most inappropriate jokes I've ever heard. I'm convinced if I hadn't been there, and you had been going with say Josh or your brother, he would have made jokes to you using the 'n' word.