Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I can't believe the Mets traded Darryl Strawberry.

If the government wants to bail out the banks and auto industry, here is how they do it. In exchange for government aid, all employees of the benefitting companies must move to the GS schedule that the federal government uses. Therefore, the president of the company makes $400,000. The VP’s make 200k or less and it trickles down from there. No bonuses, no options, just straight cash homey. Think of how much this one line item would save the company on an annual basis. I don’t have much sympathy for people who beg for money but collect large paychecks. You didn’t do your job right in the past but you got paid well for it. It’s time to do your job right and not get paid for it. Once your company is sufficiently turned around and back on its feet, you can go back to your gluttonous ways. I know the auto industry unions may have a problem with this since it will mean less pay for those people on the line. However, if faced with the decision of less pay versus no pay, I think a choice is easy. I am not saying that this is the way to solve the whole crisis. However, it will be a huge step in the right direction.

I had mixed feelings about the “24” movie. I feel like I saw this movie before…It was called Hotel Rwanda. I realize that it is a prequel to the upcoming season but if you take the movie as a whole, the DC scenes were essentially useless. Plus, it was driving me crazy to see leaves on the trees at the President’s Inauguration considering I had spent over an hour earlier that day raking leaves off my front lawn and it is only November. I think that is one detail that they missed. Jack talked about his daughter quite a bit. Although many people may not like Elisha Cuthbert's acting talent, I consider her totally babe-a-licious.

Why is everyone calling for a 8-team playoff in college football? What’s wrong with a 4 team playoff? Every year, the 3rd or 4th ranked team in the country is arguably the best. However, no one outside of the state of Utah is claiming that the 8th ranked team could be the best in college football. A 4 team playoff means one extra game and it doesn't leave the national championship up to a computer.

Thankgiving is coming up later this week which means I can look forward to being parked on I-95 as head back and forth from BWI airport twice tomorrow. I used to think that it was so expensive to travel out of the area for the holiday. However, when you are hosting 20 people, you realize pretty quickly that it is very cheap to fly out of the area for the weekend. I can now personally attest that as much as I wish it did, turkey does not cost a nickel.

I am excited that Chinese Democracy is now on sale. However, I am not so excited to go anywhere near a Best Buy in the next few weeks with all the crazy holiday shoppers out there. I’ll see you in January Guns n' Roses CD.


Shtetl Fabulous said...

As I was about to write my own Thanksgiving post, I glanced at the lyrics to the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song and then realized you did too!!!

Josh said...

20? Jesus... I don't think I knew you were hosting that many. We're having 10 and it feels like a lot.

Marissa said...

He's exaggerating. We're expecting anywhere from 16-19 plus baby. Although I guess baby counts as a half. And I guess nineteen and a half rounds up to twenty. Good lord what have I gotten myself into.

Josh said...

No, nineteen and a half does not round up to twenty! It's nineteen and a half. Like when I made Elisha watch nineteen and a half hours of Ken Burns' baseball documentary prior to going to Cooperstown. It wasn't twenty hours, no matter how much she wants to say it was.