Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Night Long

Random Babbles continues live from Jamaica.

I think I have to take back the joke I made about surviving Gustav. Yeah, it was pretty miserable with the strong winds and rain, leading to a good amount of damage and flooding here in Jamaica. But it wasn't too too bad. If the storm is really going to hit Category 5 tomorrow and now Ray Nagin has ordered mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, we could be a day or two away from a catastrophe much greater than just the sum of the hurricane damage. I feel weird even thinking that this hurts the Republicans because they so badly screwed up Katrina. I don't know what the folks in NOLA did to deserve all this.

On a lighter note, it seems like Lionel Ritchie is hugely popular in Jamaica. Every DJ or cover band plays a large number of his songs. You'd think that would be Bob Marley, but is it possible that Marley is to Jamaica as Lee Greenwood is to the USA? That's probably more than just a bit of a stretch.

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Mairssa said...

By the way, this was the video from the onion I was telling you about - which is eerily close to CNN's original Gustav coverage: