Monday, August 18, 2008

The Week Ahead

On Saturday, we had out biggest day ever, with 76 hits. Almost every single one was from a search for some form of "Mike and Juliet cat eating spaghetti". Thank you to the person who posted the YouTube link to the Chat Stew segment from Friday's "The Soup"! I'm sticking it here on the main page for easy access.

Today went by in mostly a daze after a bachelor's party last night and very little sleep. With not much to report on, let's look ahead to this coming week. You might think that it will be the last quiet week before November, with the Democratic National Convention starting next Monday, but there's plenty going on. Here's a taste:

  • Obama names his running mate. By sometime on Tuesday, my palm will have an AT&T imprint on it after more than a day of gripping my phone tightly as I wait for the big text. Now, it looks like Biden is the favorite? I don't really buy into any purported leaks; we'll have to wait and see.
  • The first post-Olympics week. It'll be interesting to see what NBC puts on prime time leading up to the start of the season. Wait, the Olympics aren't over yet? Oh... Well, I think they ended Saturday night as far as just about everyone is concerned.
  • Birthdays galore. Shoot, just on tomorrow, the 18th, you have Andy Samberg (I wonder what kind of present you could get him), Edward Norton, Redskin great Brian Mitchell, and Antonio Salieri (who gets a bad rap because of the movie Amadeus). That's not to mention "Celebrity Rehab" star Ricco Rodriguez (the 19th), Ray "Leland Palmer" Wise (the 20th), Hayden Panettiere (the 21st; her 18th birthday, gentlemen), Scooter Libby (the 22nd), and Kobe Bryant (the 23rd).
  • Plenty of crazy stuff from the McCain camp. With the conventions approaching, this week is McCain's last chance to control the media before the huge bounce comes. At this point, his campaign is becoming a Monty Python-type deal. You never know what they'll make up next.
  • The last NFL dress rehearsals. The third preseason game is always the one where the starters play the longest. Watch and figure out who will be good. Answer if you don't feel like watching: New England and Indianapolis. That's it. That's the list.

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