Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Tires Were Low And We Liked It!

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Three editorial/blog pieces that I really enjoyed today. First, Maureen Dowd attempts to psychoanalyze the "Celebrity" ad.
    • Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle, one of my favorites, has some suggestions for Bush voters who may be feeling ashamed of their past decisions.
    • Finally, the ever-hilarious Dan Savage with some NSFW thoughts (no pictures or anything) on Ms. Buffalo Chip. He's so right.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Here is the video from "Countdown" that Roy posted to the comments from last night. Watch the McCain video and I want you to focus especially on the part where he's saying, "Tell 'em to come back and get to work!" Does that remind you of anything?
    • Is it too late in the season for Manny Ramirez to win MVP?
    • I don't think I care about the Edwards thing. I just can't manage to work up any emotion one way or the other.
    • What are these live "SportsCenter" commercials and how can we make sure they go away?
  • Jokes And Jokes And Jokes And Jokes:
    • This tire inflation thing has been somewhat of a big embarrassment for McCain. How big is it? It's really blown up in his face. He doesn't have a lot of credibility to spare. It hasn't gotten his base pumped. It's been a big donut in the win column. His line of reasoning was totally jacked up. It's just another sign that this won't be a Goodyear for the GOP. Ok, enough.

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Roy said...

Isn't McCain one of those Congress members on vacation? Has he complained about those vacations at any point before this campaign?

I actually do care about the Edwards thing, because it so furthers the continued disappointment and hypocrisy in our politicians. I suspect this story to just keep growing for a while. Bye, Edwards.

As for McCain, and the tire inflation thing, I have a slightly bigger point for just a second. There are very smart people who this fall will choose to vote for McCain because he's either the person they most want in the office, or whom they think most shares their values, or who thinks he'll best serve their interests over the years. They believe that, and I don't begrudge them. I do have to believe that they can't like what they see in these video clips, however. I'm sure to them it feels like it did for me watching Kerry say "I actually did vote for the $87 Billion, before I voted against it" I know that quotes like McCain's "win it the right way, and that's by winning it" will give them pause too.

I also expect there are still that group of people, of which Josh hates, that after all these months & months, are still undecided. There will be flub videos from both sides, but I think videos like this one (or this one specifically) will weigh in their minds like Dole falling off the stage did, as they enter the voting both.

"Is there anybody is that's tired of paying four dollars, ah, duh, ah, bucks, four uh dollars a gallon for gasoline?" - John McCain