Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC, Day Four: The Fierce Urgency of... Pow!

Random Babbles goes international -- tonight's post is brought to you from Montego Bay, Jamaica. And yes, right smack in the middle of Tropical Storm Gustav. It's just a little bit windy around here.

No, not "Pow" as in Prisoner of War. I'll write more later, maybe tomorrow, maybe when I get back to the States on Sunday, but I absolutely love this observation from Andrew Sullivan: "What he didn't do was give an airy, abstract, dreamy confection of rhetoric. The McCain campaign set Obama up as a celebrity airhead, a Paris Hilton of wealth and elitism. And he let them portray him that way, and let them over-reach, and let them punch him again and again ... and then he turned around and destroyed them. If the Rove Republicans thought they were playing with a patsy, they just got a reality check."

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