Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tropical Storms and More

Random Babbles continues from hurricane-ridden Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Ok, so it wasn't an actual hurricane, just a tropical storm that had wind 4 miles-per-hour away from being a hurricane. It wasn't that bad when I posted last night, but it got pretty bad during the night. Windows shaking, trees going sideways. In honor, we drank hurricanes (a lot of them) which led to the sad event of us gambling on a musical chairs game between little kids. Not directly, I suppose, but both things happened.

But still, not much to do when there's a freaking tropical storm going on outside all day. So when Gustav obliterates New Orleans and there's a revolution because the government screwed up again, those of us can just laugh and say: "I slept through that m-f-er."

May not post tomorrow, with the big wedding coming up. I have to give the toast and I've settled on a Barack Obama joke as the opening remark. May not work for the non-Americans that are there, but screw them. You know, not being American and all.

So that's that for now, and I'll ignore that John McCain picked an attractive younger woman to be his running mate (you know, a very old, weak heartbeat away from a nightmarish presidency). I just hope she's not rich, too. That would be bad for Cindy, knowing J-Mac's history.


Marissa said...

Ginger Boy was totally robbed!

Anonymous said...

Kid in the hat! Kid in the haaaaaaat!


Steve said...

Screw the Ginger Boy and kid in the hat, the kid in the Jamaica shirt wuz robbed.

Elisha said...

Haha... none of your kids made it further than mine... tall, slightly swishy nerd in the Marley t-shirt... semi-finals, baby!