Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hair Of The Dog

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • What an awkward half-hour of "Meet The Press" this morning. Lieberman was angry and twitchy, Kerry was angry and trying to look gregarious. Brokaw is too loose and too into the conventional wisdom; the show misses Russert a lot.
    • Caught up on "Monk". Last week's episode featured a great performance by the great David Strathairn and the most recent involved subtle digs at "C.S.I.: Miami" (which apparently has become a national pasttime). For a show that has been going so long with a fairly unchanging formula, it continues to entertain.
    • Having finished the latest Dexter book by Jeff Lindsay, I'm on to Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. It's a true crime novel that deals with a murder committed by members of an FLDS sect, with an investigation of such sects' history and philosophy. It was published in 2003 and is framed as an examination of a Taliban-like culture in America. Of course, FLDS has become much more timely now.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Okay, granted he emphasizes "may" in his statement, but in light of this week's events, this video of McCain on Letterman in 2001 is a bit damning.
    • I seem to remember having a reason to go searching for quite a while to find this picture, but I forget now, and besides it doesn't really matter. So, just for the sake of one of my favorite pictures of all time, I give you... Duck Baby!
    • Long live Duck Baby!
  • Daily Rant:
    • I'm not in favor of Obama's energy rebate for the same reason that I hate the stimulus checks. I have no problems with the windfall tax, but use the proceeds to invest in R&D for alternative fuels. Don't just give more money to people so they can buy that much more gas. Makes no sense over the long-term.

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