Sunday, November 18, 2007

Upon Further Discussion...

Daily Wii Fitness Age: 21

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Now there's officially only one good team in the NFL, unless Harrison comes back healthy.
    • I finally watched the "Curb" season finale and the last two or three minutes were indeed classic.
  • Daily Rant:
    • The crazy ending to the Ravens game -- say what you will about the controversial discussion. The point is that they got the call right. I don't want to hear that we're happy at all costs; it's more meaningful to win fair and square. I just don't find it acceptable to win any other way. And here's where I find a way to bash the administration and tie it all together. Think back to early 2000. We were happy as a nation -- not living every second in fear (or being told to do so); led by a President with a high approval rating (68%); looking forward to what would come next. It's hard to believe that how much we have changed. In 2000, because of some confusing ballots, an inordinate number of people -- mostly old, many Jewish -- voted for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore, and others did not fully punch out the ballot for Gore. Pat Buchanan, who had said complimentary things about Hitler's character. Maybe Bush would have won recounts, maybe not. But here's my point: Republicans (and I generalize, but not much) were happy to stick by the letter of the law and were unconcerned with the feeling behind the votes. Rather than worrying about the actual desire of people, the Supreme Court and, yes, the Democrat-controlled Congress stuck with technicalities. And look where we are today. If the Ravens were to have won today, would the NFL eventually become a mockery of its former self, hated around the world? Would Roger Goodell have an approval rating south of 30% and have one or two rich teams that dominated the other 30 while keeping at least half in a stupor by tricking them into thinking that they had a chance to be on top too? Obviously not. But I, for one, am glad that it ended fairly and in the true spirit of the game.

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Roy said...

Glad you enjoyed the end of Curb. It was awesome. "Oh, no you didn't just talk to my man like that. No one ever talks to my man like that. Get the fuck out of my house" {Larry} "Bye!"