Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Stop an Exploding Agent

Alex Rodriguez has taken a lot of heat in the past two weeks after his opt-out announcement was leaked during the World Series. However, the real villian here is Scott Boras who knew exactly what he was doing when he spoke with several reporters. Bud Selig was pretty ticked off that Boras stole MLB's thunder, even forcing him to "apologize". Baseball can't fine Scott Boras and can't collude against A-Rod when he negotiates his new contract. Many would think that Boras and A-Rod have the upper hand. However, baseball should still take action to prevent situations like this from happening again in the future. How about banning all of Scott Boras' clients from being portrayed in any Major League Baseball advertisements for a particular period of time? Never would you hear "Alex Rodriguez and the rest of the Anaheim Angels visit Camden Yards this week". How angry would Prince Fielder and Matt Holliday (both Boras clients) be knowing that they won't be associated with All-Star game hype or out-of-town promos? This measure would be unfair to certain players but the agent is an extension of the players so if the agent is dirty, so too are the players. It's a novel idea, at least.

Last weekend, I was having lunch at Subway. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes, the person in front of me gets to the front of the line. Only then does she begin looking at the board to see what they have, thus slowing our line down even more. It's Subway, people!!! They have chicken, tuna, turkey, and ham just like every other sandwich shop across the country. It's not exactly the Palm. If you are waiting 10 minutes, you should know exactly what you want to eat right down to the type of mustard. These must be the same people that go 45 miles per hour in the passing lane on the Beltway while a stack of cars go flying by on the right side. There has to be a word to describe this behavior. If you know it, let me know.

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