Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's a darn good time to be a Boston sports fan

Here's my not-so-deep thought of the day. If the Patriots can beat the Colts tomorrow (which will certainly not be easy), the Patriots will be heavily favored to run the table and finish 16-0. Assuming the Patriots do go 16-0 and barring an injury, Tom Brady should likely unanimously win the MVP award. However, how many votes for Coach of the Year will Bill Belichick receive? He has alienated much of the press as well as almost all of his peers with the spy-gate and the recent accusations of running up the score late in the game. Yes, there are a few worthy coach of the year nominees such as Jeff Fisher of Tennessee as well as the coaches of Detroit, Green Bay and even Dallas. However, should Belichick be penalized for getting the most out of his players? It's a shame how a perception of a person can change so quickly. Just a thought, not a sermon.

On a separate note, Don and Mike's Trick or Beer segment made my two-hours-to-travel-twenty-miles commute home on Wednesday night much more enjoyable. If it's still available on the podcast, check it out.

Tonight I realized that I am officially old. Here is a recap of my night. I went out to dinner at a restaurant. Next I drove to a bar where I hung out and played NTN trivia for an hour and a half or so. I then went home feeling sleepy. My clock read 9:15. Just a few years ago, I wasn't going out to dinner until 9:30 and would get home well after midnight. Tonight, I was proud to stay out past 9PM. Only 18 years, 2 months and 13 days until my AARP card arrives in my mailbox.

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