Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blame Us

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • A few people have told me to check out "Without A Trace" and I finally did with this past week's double episode with "C.S.I.:". Now my curiosity is sated -- the episode was horribly boring. It's probably not a coincidence that the other worst episode of "C.S.I.:" was the spin-off one with "C.S.I.: Miami".
    • At my cousin's Bar Mitzvah today, all the kids danced to the Souljah Boy song that is so disturbing. At least I can be fairly certain that they have no clue.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • NFL picks time (last week: 8-6, overall: 23-30-1):
      • Detroit (+1) vs. Arizona: Vegas hasn't caught up to God's Team. Good chance to make a profit off of it, if you were out there.
      • Baltimore (-3.5) vs. Cincinnati: Who knows. They both stink.
      • Buffalo (-3) vs. Miami: Adrian Peterson isn't the only really good rookie back.
      • Carolina (-3.5) vs. Atlanta. Like I've said for the last two weeks, the NFL just stinks this year. I should start watching college basketball really early.
      • Chicago (-3.5) vs. Oakland: Or maybe even hockey. Yikes.
      • N.Y. Giants (+1.5) vs. Dallas: Good game. Is it really going to make a difference for the Super Bowl, though?
      • Green Bay (-6) vs. Minnesota: See above.
      • Indianapolis (-3.5) vs. San Diego: When Norv Turner gets fired, come together like butt cheeks.
      • Kansas City (-3) vs. Denver: KC gets 3 at home against Patrick Ramsey? Okay.
      • New Orleans (-10.5) vs. St. Louis: Coach Linehan, let the Lambs get drunk on Bourbon Street before the game. They can't play any worse.
      • Cleveland (+10) vs. Pittsburgh: This one is actually pretty interesting.
      • Tennessee (-4) vs. Jacksonville: Woohoo.
      • Washington (-3) vs. Philadelphia: Most of the Eagles players have given up on the season. Mark it down.
      • Seattle (-9.5) vs. San Francisco. Thank God for "Heroes".
  • Daily Rant:
    • Saw Sicko tonight. I highly recommend it -- it's way more subtle than his other movies (though I really love the other ones also). After watching it? F*** two different countries. I want all of the blue states to get sucked up by Canada. We actually turned to each other at one point and Elisha asked why we're still actually living in the U.S. and not in another country. This country has become a horrible place. Indifference to torture; unprovoked invasion; even worse, hopelessness and the fact that nobody seems to care about a stranglehold by the rich. It's not getting better any time soon. I'm sorry -- the sooner we all realize this the better.

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