Monday, November 26, 2007

And if you threw a party...invited everyone you knew

A little known Florida state law requires the show Golden Girls to be played 24 hours a day. Lucky for me, I was able to reap the benefits of this law over the weekend. I never thought I would say this but this show just might be better than Seinfeld.

Golden Girls has been off the air for more than 15 years but every joke remains current. Much like Seinfeld, it is a show about nothing. People just sit around and complain about their lives, a very basic formula for comedic success. Each character brings her own nuance to the show ranging from Rose's stories of St. Olaf to Blanche's long list of men to Sophia's reminiscing back to her days in Sicily. All four of the actresses are still alive and kicking, particularly interesting considering they played old people 20 years ago. A few of them still act every now and then according to IMDB. I am still waiting for the Golden Girls reunion show. What distinguishes Golden Girls from Seinfeld though, (besides the presence of Bea Arthur) is the theme song. Come on, you know you love it (Thank you for being a friend). It's in your head (Travel down the road and back again). You'll be walking down the street singing it and won't be able to shake it out of your head (You're heart is true, you're a pal and confidant) .

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Roy said...

You would see, the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say "Thank you for being a friend".