Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks For... (Pt. 2)

Quick NFL picks for Thursday:
  • Dallas (-14) vs. N.Y. Jets
  • Detroit (+3.5) vs. Green Bay
  • Atlanta (+11.5) vs. Indianapolis
On to the thanks giving:
  • Thanks to Taylor from "Kid Nation" for the catchphrase of the year: "Deal with it!"
  • Thanks to NBC for "Cowboys and Patriots Night in America." I've always wanted to watch "The Amazing Race" and thanks to every game including my two least favorite teams in the league, I finally can.
  • Thanks to "The Soup" for making me, and everyone I know, watch at least one episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba!" My name is Josh, I like to daaaance.
  • Thanks to Wii Sports for the chronic arm injury in 20 years. My right tricep will soon be three times the size of every other muscle in my body.
  • Thanks to Bailey for being such a pain in the butt sometimes and showing even a tiny glimpse of what it might be like to have kids. The Catholic Church is lobbying the government to not hand him out at public schools.
  • Thanks to "Private Practice" for showing me, I assume, how women think. Now if they could only provide some sort of translation, because the show makes no sense to me.
  • Thanks to Scooter Libby and David Kaye (the rabbi that was on "To Catch A Predator") for bringing oogy back to organizations with which I have been at least peripherally associated.
  • Thanks to climate change for causing poverty, our messed up health care system, obesity in children, AIDS, the abandonment of inner-city public schools, the war in Iraq, and internet predators. It's the only cause anyone seems to care about, so it must be the root of all of those other things, right?

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