Monday, November 5, 2007

The Big Question

All I have to say is this: At least I don't have to find the money to buy playoff tickets.

Daily Rant:
  • There's a big question in life, one that every religion has attempted (if not originally formed) to answer. It's not "Why?", it's "What's next?" It can be as big as what happens after death to as small as what happens tomorrow morning. It's the biggest question because it exposes our biggest fears. The fear of the unknown; we don't fear death, we fear what may (or even worse, what may not) happen after death. Religion and philosophy were created to allay this fear. The fear of rejection; the real fear is what happens after rejection and how people will see us. But the worst fear for us that deals with "what's next" is the fear of success. We are most afraid of what happens next, that we were only lucky and not worthy of accolades, that we won't live up to what we accomplished. Mediocrity is easy -- we know what will happen when we just continue along the same path -- and failure is no problem since it takes away any pressure. Impostor syndrome is defined as someone who believes they are a fraud, even though they have achieved success. This is the ultimate expression of the fear of success, someone who refuses to accept that they've overcome the fear. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Do one thing every day that scares you." It's more than just day to day though, we need to live our lives constantly doing things that scare us by attacking what's next. After all, don't we have enough fear thrown at us on a daily basis?

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