Friday, November 2, 2007

Clearing The Way

Fridays are about as tough as Mondays. We end up hanging out a bit at work since the office is so empty and everyone is in Shabbat mode, so I can't really do this there (which I don't ever anyway). Then, I generally have something in the evening, leaving it until pretty late before I can write. With B'nai Mitzvot coming up the next three weekends, Friday nights are pretty rough. Some relatively quick thoughts:
  • It's November, so isn't this the month to celebrate Turkey? We've designated Turkish as the official alternate (besides English, Hebrew, and Spanish) language of the office. We set the copier to display in Turkish and one of the co-workers took it a step further today, using a website to translate and then send me an e-mail entirely in Turkish.
  • Speaking of co-workers, life is pretty good when the one you have the most personality problem with decides to leave.
  • Back to something I touched on yesterday, the pure hilarity of seeing Jeff throw that piece of wood into the fire during Tribal Council. It's hard to imagine the show being so good without him.
  • The Wii gets just that much cooler -- with a built-in WiFi adapter, on-line service is potentially free and allows you to buy NES games for $5 that you can download to the console and keep there.

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Elisha said...

I will admit, it's pretty cool that we can now download old Nintendo games - Kid Icarus is already on the console, Castlevania, here I come!