Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Madness!

Daily Wii Fitness Age: 33 (Yikes)

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Marriage? Nooooooo! Now I'm going to howl. Ooooooo!
    • DC101 is running a "Generation X Weekend." They're actually playing pretty good music.
    • Which I'll be listening to on my way up to Baltimore for the game tomorrow. I'm actually pretty curious if all local football pre- and post-game shows around the country are as annoying, inane, and misinformed as the two for the Ravens.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Bad NFL picks segment (last week: 4-9-1, overall: 27-39-2):
      • Cincinnati (-3) vs. Arizona: Since I couldn't find video of Miles Simon hitting a half-court buzzer beater against Cincinnati for Arizona, I'm submitting this buzzer beater against Arizona instead.
      • Cleveland (-3) vs. Baltimore: I give up. Watch this buzzer beater, somewhat related to Baltimore.
      • Washington (+11) vs. Dallas: Here's a buzzer beater having to do with D.C.
      • Green Bay (-9.5) vs. Carolina: The Jeff Capel shot from 1995. Getting the point yet? I hate the NFL this year.
      • New Orleans (+1.5) vs. Houston: T-Mac's insanity three years ago.
      • Indianapolis (-14.5) vs. Kansas City: Reggie Miller, Knicks Killer.
      • Jacksonville (-3) vs. San Diego: In honor of the two-time defending champs, the Florida Gators.
      • Minnesota (-4.5) vs. Oakland: Cool shot from the Minnesota state championships.
      • New England (-15.5) vs. Buffalo: J-Mac forever.
      • Detroit (+3) vs. N.Y. Giants: 'Sheed from 3/4 court.
      • Philadelphia (-9.5) vs. Miami: The greatest Iverson clip ever.
      • Pittsburgh (-9.5) vs. N.Y. Jets: Crazy J-Kidd to VC buzzer beater.
      • Chicago (+5.5) vs. Seattle: Kevin Durant with the winner just this week.
      • St. Louis (-3) vs. San Francisco: Two words: Tyus Edney.
      • Tampa Bay (-3) vs. Atlanta: Kenny Anderson for the Yellow Jackets in 1990.
      • Denver (-2) vs. Tennessee: And finally a double shot -- the great Chris Lofton from 2006 and the greater Greg Oden from this year.
  • Daily Rant:
    • We watched All The President's Men tonight. It's absolutely riveting -- it seems to just fly by. I'll simply remark that the huge scandal involved the White House discrediting a perceived rival and diverting a lot of money through its campaign committee for shady activities. Scooter Libby and Swiftboat Veterans, anyone?

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