Sunday, June 22, 2008

Joss Whedon Directs A Sylvan Symphony

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Is it me or was Brian Williams attacking one side a bit more this morning? I'm sensitive to it, but he hammered Biden on the public financing thing, citing Brooks' editorial in the Times which wasn't actually negative in the end, and then stayed quiet while Biden debunked the off-shore drilling fiasco. I will give it to Lindsey Graham though; he's one slick son of a gun.
    • I had been saying since Russert passed that the only choice to moderate "Meet The Press" for the short-term was Brokaw. I would like to crow but, like I said, he was the only choice.
    • A pleasant surprise as Jim Cramer was on Chris Matthews' syndicated show this morning. Good stuff.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I'm about to register for a seminar, but as "faculty". That's kind of a weird feeling. To quote Ving Rhames at the end of Mission: Impossible, "Man, I don't know. I'm gonna miss bein' disreputable."
    • No longer am I leading the elite life of have one home and a summer home 10 minutes away. We're officially out of the apartment and down to one place of residence.
  • Daily Rave:
    • The new house backs to woods and it gets as close to pitch black as you can get in the suburbs. I happened to be standing outside, looking into the darkness, when I noticed that during the summer months, we get lots of fireflies. The woods look like a very faint Christmas light show. It's one of those things that is near breathtaking in its simplicity.

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