Saturday, June 14, 2008

If You Make Noise, He Will Come

Went to Angels Stadium at Anaheim tonight to catch the Braves and the Angels in an interleague matchup. It also cut the list down to five of teams which I haven't seen play a home baseball game (Minnesota, Colorado, Atlanta, Tampa, Cubs). It's an okay park, a little cookie-cutter-ish and no interesting skyline in the background. I did get nachos that were maybe the best food I've ever had at a ballpark.

In rating stadiums though, you have to go with atmosphere as well, and this one has it in spades. One of the, if not the, most fun experiences I've ever had at a baseball game. The team's a winner so the fans sell out the games and are really into it, plus the in-game entertainment is just fantastic. One example: They had a kid run from the LF corner to steal third base and then back in order to win a prize. He had to do it in 35 seconds. He was in great shape, but couldn't get the base up, so with the crowd going wild, Angels 3B Chone Figgins helped the kid grab the bag and the kid made it back with three seconds to spare. And, of course, with the Angels trailing tonight, they showed two Rally Monkey videos. Basically, they spoof a movie (tonight it was The Ring and Signs and insert the monkey in a part where people are scared). Here's one using The Sandlot. Plus, tonight was fireworks night, which was a huge plus. Even if Howie Kendrick blew the game on a ridiculously stupid play (he watched strike three in the ninth on a full count with no outs, and the runner going, leading to a double play with the would-be tying run on deck in the form of Vlad) and there was some pre-game craziness where Chipper Jones fouled a ball off of the batting cage that bounced back and hit him in the face, it was a great time.

Well, tomorrow is Disneyland, but I want to leave off on a sad note to mourn the passing of Tim Russert. Even if I thought that he made himself the story at times, he was a great journalist with the most interesting talk show on TV. It's going to be very tough to follow this election the same way without Russert every Sunday morning.

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Seth said...

That's kinda funny. I went to the O's-Pirates game last night and it was also fireworks night.