Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In The Lyin's Den

A long travel day today with nothing much to do but sleep and read (mostly sleep), but we finally arrived in Northern California, which is approximately 250,000 times less oppressive weather-wise than DC. An uneventful travel day with a few notes:
  • The quest I outlined yesterday was very successful. After doing research on the internet (it's a wonderful thing, don't you know), we were able to pinpoint the exact stall in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport where Larry Craig carried on his wide stance shenanigans. Plenty of pictures (outside the bathroom, of the stall itself, and inside the stall), but unfortunately I don't think I have the cable for my camera here, so I'll have to put one or two up later. Also, unfortunate: I was in there by myself, so (credit to Roy for the great idea) I couldn't have someone take a picture of me in the stall sticking my leg out. I'm sure that most people don't find this whole thing as amusing as I do, but I think living in DC amplifies these kinds of scandals a little.
  • When we got to San Francisco, we were in a car going on the highway through the city that takes you to the Bay Bridge and then the East Bay. Looking off of said highway, I saw a gas station that had regular unleaded for... $4.75! The cheaper stations around here are $4.45. When Rupert Murdoch said in 2003 that the Iraq war would lead to oil being $20 a barrel, he really meant to say gas would be $20 a gallon! Or he left a zero off, I guess that's even more likely at this point.
  • On the same above highway, I saw a car with a "Got Hope?" bumper sticker. I love that one.

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