Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm just looking for my pencil

Today I walked into the Post Office. I was third in line. I noticed that under the heel of the person in front of me was a $20 bill. I tapped the woman on the shoulder and said "Maam, did you drop some money?" She picked it up and said thank you. Eventually she got to the front of the line. I could hear her whisper to the post office clerk inquiring if anyone had dropped some money. When the clerk said no, the woman pocketed the money and walked away. If it wasn't hers, she shouldn't have picked it up so quickly. I'm not saying that $20 should have been mine but if it wasn't really hers, she could have offered to pay for my $1 in postage or at least denied it was hers and split it with me. Either way, she'd still be ahead. I am done being nice to people.

Here are two shows you should be watching this summer
1) My Boys (Thursday night on TBS) - This show is like Sex and the City but for guys.
2) I Survived a Japanese Game Show (Tuesday night on ABC) - It's like Survivor but the contestants have no idea what they are doing.

A few more random thoughts:
  • Walking around Boston this weekend, I noticed that all of the Celtics championship memorabilia all said NBA Champs instead of World Champs. When did the league make the change in designation? I'm not saying that they are incorrect, but it just looks kind of funny.
  • There are so many commericals on the radio saying that mortgage rates are the lowest in recent history. How come when I am actually looking for a mortgage, the rates are actually higher than I am currently paying? Mr. Bernanke, please help me.

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