Saturday, June 20, 2009

San Dimas High School Temporal Physics Does Not Rule

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Revolutionary Road. As you would expect, the acting is exceptional, especially towards the end as Winslet's quiet cordiality screams louder than her fighting. It's very well-done to the point where the most depressing part is very subtle and doesn't hit you until the last scene. The only actor in the movie to be nominated for an Oscar, Michael Shannon, absolutely steals the movie in even though he's on the screen for no more than five minutes. My question for anyone who's seen it: Was his character's role overdoing it a bit? It was necessary as a plot foil, but I can't decide if it was too over the top.
    • Brought to you by Mike Hawke, tonight's The Soup was a classic. Literally.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • A lot of bloggers have brought up how a lot of the same people who say that we should be supporting the Iranian protestors now would have loved to bomb the hell out of Tehran and its citizens a year ago. If this were October 19, would John McCain be saying, "We are all Iranians now."?
  • What's Wrong With This Movie:
    • A new feature that I'm excited about where I'll pick a random movie and pick apart one of its central points. Feel free to chime in.
    • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure -- Bill and Ted save the future. Excellent! But it's all threatened when Ted might have to go to military school. Bogus! So Rufus comes back from the future to make sure that Bill and Ted complete the class project, stay together, and form their band that sings that song that bores the hell out of me. The question: How did Rufus know Bill and Ted were about to break up? From the beginning, either they break up and the future is bogus or they stay together and the future is excellent. There's no way that they were excellent in the future and then the future was threatened. At that point, the past is the past. Rufus is inserting himself into an impossible time loop.


Steve said...

Since he was from the future, he knew that the breakup of Bill and Ted was "the" moment that the world turned bogus. Think about all the good stuff that Rufus could be working on now such as the 2000 Florida election or the day Gigli was written.

Josh said...

But then the world would be bogus and that crappy song would have never written, so how could he possibly know that getting them together would lead to that song and then the world being excellent?

Anonymous said...

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