Friday, June 12, 2009

The Return Of Burgess Meredith

So the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Read about it, since I didn't watch one second of the Final (yes, they called it the "Final" instead of the "Finals"). Does anyone else think it's weird that Sidney Crosby lives in Mario Lemieux's house? Like, would you refer to Crosby as Super Mario's young ward? Like, does Mario have a bust of Bobby Orr somewhere that, when the head is pulled back, opens a bookcase so they can descend a pole into the Penguin Cave? It's fine, though. Crosby's first championship makes him just the next young superstar to hate, just like we hate Kobe and we hated Jeter.

In other news, tonight this blog makes the long-awaited switch from analog to digital. You might miss out if you aren't able to come along with us. I hope you picked up your converter box at Best Buy so that you could watch this, the greatest video you will ever see.

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