Monday, June 1, 2009

Gonna Make It Right, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Finally began watching the second season of Mad Men. The show is insanely good, as if I have to say so. The Sopranos is the only other show I can think of that is as delightfully slow and dripping with nuance.
    • The final three episodes of Pushing Daisies began airing last Saturday. It's a shame.
    • No chance I'll ever watch Fallon and I don't want to even think about he stupid 10P.M. Leno show, but I will definitely watch Conan in his new time slot. I DVRed tonight's premiere, but I'm watching the opening bit right now. He's awesome. And Andy Richter back as the announcer? Can we pretend the Leno era never happened?
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • How many people know that the Canadian government now owns twelve percent of GM? I'm not going to listen to or search for any commentary by O'Reilly or Beck or any of those nutjobs, but I'm wondering if they're railing about that the same way as if it had been the Mexican government.
    • I thought this was a thought-provoking post by Coates at the Atlantic. Easy to argue against, but thought-provoking.
  • Monster Matchup: Jay Leno vs. Dave Letterman
    • Okay, I'm just kidding. Leno sucks.

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