Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let Us Stop Talking Softly Now

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Finished the full run of Battlestar Galactica. The end was a bit ham-handed and somewhat worrisome culturally, but it had a nice twist and made sense for the show. Especially now that you know it's one complete series with a definite end, I'd recommend it. Edward James Olmos is masterful in it and the politics of it give an interesting view into how we felt post-9/11 and pre-Obama. Speaking of, this related article from The Onion today was pretty funny.
    • Megan, you tattooed nutcase, we hardly knew ye. I have honestly never heard of this Lady Gaga person they had on tonight. Not that I care to hear her again, but I think they made her up.
    • If you get a chance, go to and check out the Overtime from this past week's Real Time. Mos Def gets absolutely creamed by Christopher Hitchens. Mos tries some of his I-don't-listen-to-what-other-people-say sort of logic and runs into the brick wall called fact. It's painful to watch, but you can't look away.
    • I was at the gym this afternoon, shooting jumpers. On the other half, there was a youth clinic going on. As I walked out, I froze in my tracks as standing right before me and working the clinic was none other than the great Gheorghe Muresan. The funny thing is that when you're a lot shorter than a guy, you're a lot shorter than him. So maybe a 6'9" person would look short next to 7'7" Muresan, but standing by himself, Muresan didn't look much taller than anyone else I had ever seen.
  • Lost Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • Solid episode with some questions answered and some other questions widened in scope.
    • So now we know for sure that Sawyer did whisper about his daughter and that it was with his previous con. No surprises there.
    • We know that Kate gave Aaron, presumably for good, to Claire's mother. A little surprise, but not huge.
    • Kate said that Claire was still alive. Would she really know that? The only person who's seen her since she disappeared was Locke at Jacob's cabin.
    • Interesting how Jack washed his hands of everything and never thought twice about it. Shows how much he's changed and moved towards that "man of faith" role.
    • So there is something intrisically different about the Others and it's what made Ben into the person he is. Whatever that is has to do with some hidden room in the middle of the jungle, surely related to the ruins into which we saw Smokey disappear.
    • Of course, the best part was the Miles-Hurley dialogue. It's like Lindelof and Cuse wrote it specifically for the internet people. First, the Back to the Future reference is huge for anyone who reads the Dueling Analysis on the Post's website every Thursday. Second, the whole question of why Ben wouldn't recognize Sayid was perfect. Seems like they're reminding us a bit about time travel and its questions, which must mean that Faraday is soon to return.
  • Random Video of the Day:
    • I don't watch Colbert as much as I should. This video speaks for itself. Nothing I could say would add anything to the genius of it.

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Steve said...

How have you never heard of Lady Gaga? Her first single, Let's Dance, was #1 for a few weeks earlier this year. The song she sang last night, Pokerface, is racing up the charts.