Monday, April 13, 2009

I Am So Immature

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • The Masters had a great ending, but I only saw the playoff. Instead, I went to see Observe and Report. If you're a fan of Danny McBride's comedy, recognizable in Eastbound and Down, you'll enjoy it. It's written and directed by Jody Hill, who works with McBride. I happen to like that type of comedy, so I did enjoy the movie. It's not as complete a film as one by Judd Apatow, but it has its moments. There's one specific line regarding a mall food court stand-by that had everyone laughing out loud. You can definitely wait for DVD, but it's worth catching. If you're itching for a comedy and you haven't seen Role Models yet, go to Blockbuster and rent that instead. Otherwise, you could do worse.
    • Is this season "prove we're not rigged" year on reality TV? First, Idol has that potential rigging scandal and favorite Alexis gets the boot. Then, tonight marked the second time this season on The Amazing Race that the overwhelmingly worst team got saved by a non-elimination round. You know the stuntminis are going to blow through the speed bump, only to have broken some weird rule that will get them booted.
    • Jeff Probst dropped a big Survivor bomb of the off-island variety over Twitter today. If you're a fan of the show, you should sign up just to follow him (much less some greats like Ashton Kutcher or Rob Corrdry). Very interactive; he was nice enough to send me a direct message today in response to something. You know I'm a big fan, so that was pretty awesome.
    • If you haven't seen it, here's a link to the new Bruno trailer. It is gloriously and hilariously NSFW.
    • Went to the Aquarium in B-more today. It was crowded on an Easter Sunday, but I was still amazed by how many fellow tribe members were hanging out there.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • The Aquarium's great and all, but it's not better than the National Zoo in DC. The National Zoo is, of course, free. The National Aquarium costs $25. Two soda bottles and a Hershey's bar cost $8.75. Come on...
  • Random Zoo Picture:
    • At the Zoo a few days ago, I saw a cute baby gorilla and an arguably cuter squirrel. I was also very excited to get this picture. The goat is relieving himself.

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