Monday, April 20, 2009

Guilty Feet

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • An episode of Amazing Race where the worst team starts out three and a half hours behind and has to wait on their flight on top of that? I don't care how many fights the other teams have, that is boring.
    • Catching up on TV from last week while I was out, I was a bit confused by the Survivor episode. I don't know that it was necessarily dumb to vote Brendan out. I just don't totally understand what anyone is thinking in the game. Even Tyson and Coach are way too overconfident and trusting.
    • A lot of the rock stations are going ga-ga over Seether's cover of Wham's "Careless Whisper". Nonsense. The cover is awful. Maybe it sounds okay, because the song they're covering is great, but the treatment they give it is like remaking a Jackson Pollock with a can of spray paint. No subtlety. More below.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • Back to work after a week and a half off. Means life will be getting back to normal and everything will be more normal. Also means tomorrow, this whole week, is going to be pretty rough.
  • Random Music Video:
    • You want a subtle, worthy cover of "Careless Whisper"? Ben Folds has been doing a great one for years. Here's him with Rufus Wainwright:


uleiJ said...

I catch up every Sunday from ON Demand with Survivor. This weekend I had to watch 4 shows to catch up. Was a nice Survivor marathon. I completely don't understand Coach. He is a lunatic. I think they did the right thing by voting out Brendan because he was silly to think he had the trust of people. JT needs to be very careful though.

angie said...

Can't say I'm a huge fan of either cover, at least on first listen.