Saturday, April 18, 2009

An End To Northern Transgression

Okay, maybe I was a bit harsh on the South yesterday. We went to a wildlife preserve today that was beautiful. Lots of pretty land, great food, really nice people. Also, the education levels are really low and you can find any number of items, from pillows to blankets to t-shirts, that have the Confederate flag. Maybe the South is great, after all!

Anyways, early start for home tomorrow and, while today was a very full day, there was nothing that really bears comment. Well, other than the absolutely true fact that I won a contest for prank-tweeting Al Roker.

Tomorrow, we'll climb the education scale as we start out in South Carolina, make a detour to Raleigh, then end up in Bethesda. The number of post-high-school degrees will rise at the same pace as the number of Fahrenheit degrees will fall.

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