Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please Don't Let World Of Warcraft Be The New Gangsta Rap

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I picked up Stephen King's latest short story collection, Just After Sunset. I thought he retired, but he's shooting them out as fast as ever.
    • On WTEM's Sports Reporters today, the hosts were discussing what the Redskins can do, with an injured running back and an awful offensive line, against the Ravens defense. They said just stick to passing. I say the only option is deep prayer.
    • WJFK announced today that on next Friday they will have all of their talent on the air together all day, from 6AM to 7PM. They're calling it "Trainwreck Friday." Oh, "Dysfunctional Family Friday." Sorry, must have heard that wrong.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Have the Terps dropped so much in reputation that the Michigan-Maryland game wasn't even televised tonight?
    • The big video of the day is "Prop 8 - The Musical", from Jack Black is funny, but it's all about John C. Reilly and NPH. As always.
    • You think Marc Shaiman is a great writer?
  • Daily Rant:
    • The Junkies have, of late, been using the term "pwned" with reckless abandon. Look, white kids using black slang after it's long stale is cute in an awkward way. I've done it myself many times. But people over twenty-five that aren't into gaming using played out gaming terms is not cool. We're dangerously close to them referring to the Redskins with an "Epic fail!"


angie said...

Ok, so for someone not familiar with either World of Warcraft or the Junkies, how exactly is "pwned" pronounced?

Roy said...

Two responses in one; response to Angie first.

"pwned" is pronounced multiple ways, but the considered 'correct' way comes from it's root: pronounced the same way the word 'owned' is, but with a hard 'p' sound over the 'o'. The word came from a mis-spelling in a video game where the word 'owned' was wrong in the final version of the release. Some try to pronounce it without the 'o' and it comes out p-uund, rhymes with nothing since it's made up. Others put the p in front of the o, and it come out poe-und, rhymes with loaned.

I'm not sure the whole day at JFK with be a Trainwreck, though I doubt there will be enough mics to go around. I like all the shows, but I am sure that like 2-4pm range is going to be where everyone will be a little bit sick of it and be running out of what to say. Everyone except Lurch, who I fully expect will roll out at 10:15am just like clockwork. The last 5-7pm should be gold as everyone will be so happy they get to go home they will likely say the dumbest stuff.

How far has the Terps rep dropped? I had no clue that game was last night, or if they won or lost. I think prayer is in line for the Skins in preparation for Monday, but more something in line of "Lord, please forgive us for the terrible effort we will be putting out on Sunday night, and help our wounds, physical and mental, to heal Monday"

And the Junkies (let's be serious here, it's mostly Peter Pan-dick E.B.) should get that them using pwned would be like my mom and dad calling me to say that Thanksgiving dinner was silly, and they can't wait for money metal Christmas.

Josh said...

I'm mainly concerned with too many strong personalities in the same place at the same time. Maybe if they let each individual group take the lead during their show, they can work it out. I'm just envisioning 13 hours of Dukes yelling, Cakes and Robb making non-sequitir zingers, Mike hamming it up, JP getting pissed because other people are running the show, and so on, all at the same time. The funny thing to think about: what is the likelihood that something like this day goes down if Don hadn't retired?

Roy said...

Zero. Don wouldn't play that.

I didn't even think about it, but the personality thing could be a big dagger. The Mike O'Meara crew and the Big O and Dukes crew have worked their way into a balanced rhythm. The Junks and Big O and Dukes can have some sync, but mainly with the Junks as the dominants and Big O and Dukes as the reverent. All three groups? Whatever it is, I know it's must listen, at least for a while, if not as much as possible, for the potential blow up factor.

Betsy said...

Pwned also may have come from trash talking online gamers accidentally typing pwned instead of owned after a win. Other forms include pwnage and even uber-pwnage. I usually read it as "poned" like owned with a p at the beginning, but I don't think there's any official way to say it. I don't watch/listen to this Junkies show, but they are definitely late to the party.

We stock Terps tickets every year. We had prices for this Michigan-Maryland game down to like $5-9 and advertising on craigslist with no handling fee. Still didn't even kind of come close to selling out.