Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Crescendo, Annie

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • As I compile the year-end awards, you can always find crappy lists on Yahoo! This one is about the top ten reality TV moments of 2008. Horrible. You say that it was great when Paula talked about Castro's second song after his first, but you leave out when she said she wanted to hang Archuleta's head from her rear view mirror? You talk about an entire season of Survivor as just one moment, but you leave out Ozzy all but castrating himself with the wussiest tribal council question ever? Nothing about Randy's ouster this past season? No mention of Dandrew's lack of marching prowess? Did they not realize that all of season one of Celebrity Rehab aired in 2008? I know they put lists out to get people talking about them, but can they at least freaking try?
    • Finished the first season of Mad Men tonight. The show is just so good. I always laughed when I heard it in the same sentence as The Sopranos in terms of theme and style, but no other show makes sense as a comparison.
    • In his latest short story collection, Stephen King included "liner notes" for a look inside his thought process. Very cool addition.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Tyler Hansbrough became the all-time leading scorer at North Carolina tonight. That's quite a feat when you think about their history. He's around five hundred points away from supplanting J.J. Reddick as the ACC all-time leading scorer. I just have to think that, with his passion, Hansbrough is going to be more on the next level than a guy like Reddick is. Plus, he doesn't go to Duke (tagline: Where NBA Dreams Go To Die).
    • Peyton Manning lit me up tonight. I need big things from Steve Smith and Brian Westbrook. I could have worse guys to rely on.
    • I'm sort of saving up for a big music video spectacular, but I was thinking about the band Alien Ant Farm today because, while I enjoy their cover of "Smooth Criminal", it pales in comparison to the original. However, I do love this song, "Glow". One of the more underrated songs of the last five years or so.
  • Daily Rave:
    • Screw it, here's the original "Smooth Criminal" video. Kind of makes you sad to think what could have been for decades and decades. I mean, that lean near the end...

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