Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something I Might Be Interested In

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I was actually going to go with just some NFL thoughts, but then Martin Landau showed up on Entourage tonight. Any rational Entourage fans know that the show was about 90% over the shark when Martin Landau saved it.
    • Too bad for the ghetto Mythbusters. I was sure the blondes were the lock of locks to be the next to go.
    • I'm kind of hoping that Dexter isn't as predictable as I'm fearing it is, in regards to the Jimmy Smits character and his dark side.
    • Great Meet The Press this morning. The seatbelt fiasco tainted my views; Governor Corzine is quite impressive as a surrogate and an analyst.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I don't remember hearing anything about this Larry Fitzgerald guy when he was in college, but I think he may just have a future in this league.
    • Way to go, Skins! Not a banner day for the NFC East.
    • Was the scrappy Rays win a momentum changer? Probably not, but if Longoria can keep hitting...
  • Daily Rant:
    • I know the Colts are just as guilty with Jim Sorgi, but if you're the Patriots and you know that injury is as big a part of the league as it is (see: Bledsoe, Drew), how the hell do you go to war with Matt Cassel as a backup?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Fitzgerald's pretty okay. The Cardinals are a great team at home...if only they could play all of their games there.

I guess the 'Skins won't repeat in the top spot of your rankings next week. And here I thought there was no way the Rams could look good. What's your take on Carolina? Did they get exposed, or was that just one bad game?

I don't necessarily think the Rays win was a momentum changer, but I think they needed to break the ice, get a win in the ALCS and prove to themselves that they can play with the Sox in the postseason. I don't know how the series will play out, but I don't think it will end in Boston. The Rays have confidence now.

Matt Cassel sucks.


Roy said...

I'm up to date on Entourage except for last nights episode, which I'll watch tonight. Looking forward to it, now that I know Landau will be on. "Let's say I guest star on your show, and give it new life. Is that something you would be interested in?"

Meet the Press was fantastic. Portman was a total tool; forget the message, I couldn't stand to sit and watch the slicky boy speak.

The Skins just gave back one of their hard fought wins on that one, the way things even out with records in the NFL. Still, at least they didn't lose 31-3.

I'm cheating a little bit because by the time I read this, game 3 was already in the forth inning, but considering the Rays are up big already, I'll go with yes, momentum changer. Maybe I'm just hoping for the MLB version of the Bad News Bears.

Tom, you crack me up with the Cassel comment. Sometimes, as hard as people try to be complicatedly funny, draw strange parallels or pop culture references, the simple direct approach wins out.

Josh said...

I think it may have been just a bad day for Carolina, but the whole NFC seemed to get exposed this weekend. With the weekend done, we may be back to Jacksonville, Indy, and San Diego (with Tennessee) being the class of the league.