Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kelly's #1!

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Crystal flipped the bird during her vote! I can't tell if I'm done with Ace or not. He has no prayer of winning and he's going from delightfully evil to annoyingly so. Also, Randy is an asshole.
    • The SNL Weekend Update intro was funny with Will Ferrell, but it was a little crazy. We all know that the ticket is not doing well and there are things about them of which you can make fun a bit, but how did they become such a total joke? The sketch was as brutal as anything I've seen all year.
    • I do really like Grey's Anatomy. Even with some of the extremely unbelievable situations, it flirts with being a great show. The only problem is that it can't even be close to the best medical show on TV in the face of the awesomeness of House.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • The Ron Howard video is overrated. I like the idea, but the execution just isn't very funny.
    • What is funny? A crotchety Joe McCain calling 911 to complain about traffic.
    • The ump badly blew that call in the ninth where Rollins was hit by the pitch, but the Phillies had plenty of chances and couldn't get it done. Still no hit with runners in scoring position. I can't decide which joke to go with. 1) Did you hear that the groupies are telling the Phillies' players that they can't get past third base? Or 2) The Phillies went out drinking after the game and one of the players kept going from girl to girl, buying drinks and talking them up. Yeah, he was totally in scoring position, but he just wasn't able to go all the way, no matter how many dozens of times he tried.
  • Daily Rant:
    • Putting the anger aside in favor of compassion. I'm beginning to feel sorry for Alaskans. How much time has to pass before an Alaskan can visit a big city in the lower 48 without hearing snickers when they say where they're from?

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Marissa said...

He must have been stuck in the same traffic we were in (crossing the Wilson Bridge, all traffic was stopped in one direction, but not another). I had a lot of expletives, but didn't call 911.